Catalogue Binding

An alternative to stitch binding is a perfect binding, a cheap and cost-effective way to create professional looking publications including books and catalogues. Perfect binding consists of milling the binding edge of your interior pages and then affixing this to your chosen cover. Sheetal print and Packs provides a wide range of customisation options enabling clients to create personalised book printing jobs each with their own paper type and cover designs. If you require other forms of binding please visit our stapled, stitch binding, or spiral binding pages for more information.

Applications :

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Cloth Catalogue Binding

Wallpaper Catalogue binding (Paper Cover)

Printing on book cloth is a very popular and fashionable design idea. Different textures and veins of the book cloth will achieve unexpected artistic effect after printing. Just need common printing ink. Print by 150 lines on thick cloth and 175 lines on thin cloth. It is better to use small printing machine to reduce waste and meanwhile increases the pressure and ink quantity and lower the speed – 8000 turning per hour. We can supply size of plane according to you requirement.

Rexine Catalogue Binding

Wallpaper Catalogue binding (Rexin Cover)

We stock and dispatch supplies of the quality non stretch material known as vinide leather cloth or Rexine. This material can be used as a book covering, interior furnishing or in our case, auto upholstery for covering surfaces such as dashboards, door panels, and classic car trims. Just add your required items See Contact Us, and we'll dispatch the products to you at your address.

Paper Catalogue Binding

Wallpaper Catalogue binding (Different Handel)

Customers demand information, and detailed product catalogs and booklets can generate orders by filling that need. You can build your own catalog or booklet in two sizes, the handy 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Catalog or the ever-popular 8 1/2 x 11 Catalog. We offer anything from a simple brochure folded to make a four-pager, up to 64 pages in full color, saddle-stitched (stapled) at the spine. Custom catalog printing sizes, formats and papers as well as custom finishing can be used to create distinctive designs. We handle all of the technical details like shingling and headtrim, leaving you free to create a catalog that sells.